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Hear Jack White's ultra-fast Record Store Day single

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Jack White doesn’t mess around when it comes with collectible records or attention-grabbing stunts, and he combined those loves on Saturday—a.k.a. Record Store Day—recording and releasing the fastest record of all time. In under four hours, White and his band recorded a pair of songs (in front of an audience at Third Man Records), got the acetates over to United Record Pressing (which is just out the door of Third Man), and had seven-inch singles for sale. (They cost a ridiculous $30 a pop, but considering they’re already selling on eBay for $300+, maybe it was a good investment.) How he’ll top that move next year is difficult to predict—perhaps some kind of Third Man implant club, where for $10,000 you get all new Jack White music piped directly into your brain. Anyway, a Canadian radio station was there for the whole process, and they’ve got a YouTube video up with some chit-chat about the whole experience, and then they dropped the needle on the record. You can watch it below, and the music starts just after the 7-minute mark. [h/t to Stereogum]

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