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Hear “Earth War,” the pummeling new song by pro wrestler UltraMantis Black

UltraMantis Black already has a day job as a professional wrestler, but the squared circle is apparently not enough to contain his manifold talents. He’s teamed up with members of Sub Pop’s notorious noise-punk band Pissed Jeans to record a self-titled, debut EP for Relapse Records. On the track “Earth War,” UMB taps into his socially conscious, hardcore roots—not to mention some of that pile-driving anger he brings to the ring—while never forgetting to have a little good, bloody fun. The transition from wrestling to rocking may seem like a dubious one, but the EP is slab of spastic punk as solid as UMB’s own abs. And if “Rowdy” Roddy Piper can do it, anyone can.

UltraMantis Black will be released July 8 via Relapse Records.


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