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Hear Del Paxton “Take It To The Limit” on its latest release

Del Paxton (Photo: Brendan O'Connor))

New York’s Del Paxton is wildly self-deprecating. In the band’s bio, it refers to itself as “a fuckin’ band,” and when mentioning its split 7-inch with Gulfer, Del Paxton refers to Gulfer as “[our] far more talented Canadian friends.” It’s that kind of playfulness that informs the band’s music, as the band finds ways to make its gooey punk songs lighthearted without becoming toothless. The A.V. Club is premiering “Take It To The Limit” from Del Paxton’s new album All Day, Every Day, All Night, which is out March 3 on Topshelf Records. “Take It To The Limit” is an effervescent rocker that recalls The Promise Ring circa Nothing Feels Good, whimsical backing harmonies and all.

Pre-orders for All Day, Every Day, All Night are available now through Topshelf Records.


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