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Hear Daft Punk, see pretty colors (and maybe learn something, too)

Thanks to the electronic revolution and GirlTalk (and, in part, the trendsetting phenomenon that is Glee), the mash-up is in its prime. You may think you could do it yourself—how hard can it be to recreate "Wonderwall of Broken Songs" on GarageBand? But for the best mash-ups, it's not quite as simple as layering Liam Gallagher over an electric guitar instrumental break.

Mash-up artist "The Man in Blue" (otherwise known as Cameron Adams) wants to show you that Joe Schmoe in his cubicle can't really take his MacBookPro and become an artiste during his lunch break: He took 23 different Daft Punk songs, layering them on top of each other for a seven-minute electronic jam called "Definitive Daft Punk," then made a nifty "Anatomy Of A Mash-Up" animated visualization to accompany the song's progression. Not only does it show you what's happening when, but it makes it all pretty and shiny and colorful for you.


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