In its prime, Don Caballero was one of the most groin-twisting, brain-punching bands in existence. But even before its prime, it was still clear Don Cab had the goods. In 1991, before the math-rock juggernaut had added second guitarist Ian Williams (now of Battles), the original trio of  guitarist Mike Banfield, bassist Pat Morris, and drummer Damon Che laid down an entire album’s worth of material. Most of those songs were reworked and/or re-recorded for later Don Cab releases—but two of those studio tracks, including the monstrous “Waltor,”  have never been heard. Until now. Five Pairs Of Crazy Pants. Wear ’Em: Early Caballero will unveil the protean tensions of a young, eruptive Don Cab just as its was coming into its own. It also just plain slays. “Waltor” is making its debut here; Five Pairs Of Crazy Pants will also include an entire live album from ’92 on either vinyl or download.

Five Pairs Of Crazy Pants. Wear ’Em: Early Caballero will be released June 10 via Chunklet.