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Hear an exclusive stream of Adam Green's new LP, Engine Of Paradise

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Photo: Pete Voelker

In some ways, Adam Green has changed quite a bit since his Moldy Peaches days. As well as expanding his creative operations into filmmaking, visual art, and graphic novels as well as music. In others, he’s the same guy he’s always been—unabashedly idiosyncratic and infectiously enthusiastic. Take this self-penned description of his new album Engine Of Paradise:

Doesn’t that sound restful? Good news: Going into what we all presumably hope will be a blessedly chilled-out Labor Day weekend, we’ve got an exclusive stream of Engine Of Paradise, which doesn’t hit record stores until next Friday, September 6. The record features guest turns from Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado, as well as Florence Welch, minus her machine.

It also comes with a companion graphic novel called War And Paradise, which is described as a “psychedelic war epic” set in the same universe as Green’s 2016 film Adam Green’s Aladdin. That’s available now as a free download on AdamGreen.info, or you can order a hard copy through PioneerWorks.org.


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