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Hear an exclusive new track from veteran L.A. rockers The Black Watch

The Black Watch formed in the late ‘80s and it shows. After six years off, the veteran Los Angeles indie rock outfit is releasing a new album (its 17th), The End Of When, on Sept. 10. The A.V. Club has the premiere of the record’s first single, “Meg,” below for interested parties’ listening pleasure.

John Andrew Frederick, frontman and only original member, describes the song as, “revolving around the singer’s appreciation of a woman’s uniqueness and beauty and how he goes all ‘ice cream inside’ when he thinks of her looking at him ‘green-eyed-shyly’ through ‘imperfect bangs.’” Frederick’s late ‘80s influence shines through in “Meg,” with a sound reminiscent of The Smiths or early My Bloody Valentine, but there’s still something modern about it toward the end.


The End Of When is the first release from Pop Culture Press Records in Austin, and the album will also come with a bonus disc of “16 career-spanning sparkly pop songs that celebrate the band’s two decades of existence.”

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