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Hear a song from Howard Stern’s sixth-grade band

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Walter McBride)

In our universe, Howard Stern is famous for being a radio host and general media personality (maybe even an America’s Got Talent judge, if that’s your thing), but in some alternate reality, he might’ve been more well-known as an actual rock star. When he was a kid in the ‘60s, Stern and some friends from his sixth-grade class were in a band called Electric Comic Book, and Rolling Stone has a little history lesson on the (brief) saga of these would-be musical icons.

The key point, though, is that Stern and his friends were never really interested in the “making music” side of being musicians, they were in it for the fun and the fame. Stern says that they would go to school and act like they were getting ready for a photoshoot with 16 Magazine, showing off their long, rock star-esque hair, but they didn’t actually practice much. Their only gig was at a bar mitzvah for Jerry Dikowitz, the band’s drummer, but they still managed to write and record a handful of songs in their brief career. One of those songs, “The Psychedelic Bee,” has been covered a few times over the years on Stern’s radio show, and Rolling Stone has shared an actual original recording of it:

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