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Illustration for article titled Hear a reissued, 1993 song by the pre-Beachwood Sparks outfit Further

Further never became well known during its existence in the early ’90s, but it wasn’t for the lack of some great music. The Los Angeles band, formed by brothers Brent and Darren Rademaker, released numerous records, toured with Sebadoh (Lou Barlow was a vocal Further fan), and had an album reissued by Creation. The brothers later played together in the psychedelic outfit The Tyde, but it’s Brent’s other subsequent group, the twangy Beachwood Sparks, that signed to Sub Pop and wound up making the biggest mark. (Drummer Kevin Fitzgerald also wound up drumming for Circle Jerks, so that’s also something.) Further has always kept a devoted following, though, which has led to Where Were You Then?, an upcoming collection of the band’s songs from its singles and EPs. One of those reissued tracks, 1993’s “Generic 7,” is being streamed here in all its frantic, dreamy, guitar-freakout glory. 


Where Were You Then? will be released September 2 via Bad Paintings.

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