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You need a scorecard to follow Black Flag these days. Two different iterations of the iconic hardcore group are set to play shows soon. Only one of them features Greg Ginn, Black Flag’s guitarist, founder, and sole constant member throughout its original existence. Which isn’t surprising, seeing as how relations between Ginn and his former bandmates have been less than cordial in the past.


But Ginn is also forging forward with a new band called Good For You. And unlike so many relatively lackluster Ginn projects of the past 30 years, this one rocks. Hard. In fact, Good For You’s gnarled, snarling debut—the aptly named Life Is Too Short To Not Hold A Grudge—is the closest thing to classic Black Flag that Ginn has pumped out since, well, Black Flag. To sweeten the pot, skateboarding legend Mike Vallely is the group’s frontman. (Black Flag and skating, they go back a ways.) Courtesy of SST Records, here’s the official debut of the Good For You ripper “Blaze Of Glory.” Life Is Too Short To Not Hold A Grudge comes out February 26.

The band also just announced a tour up and down the middle of the United States. Dates for that are below.


Good For You 2013 tour
April 12—Club Dada—Dallas, Texas
April 13—Downtown Lounge Tulsa—Tulsa, Oklahoma
April 14—The Riot Room—Kansas City, Missouri
April 15—Gas Lamp—Des Moines, Iowa
April 17—Crunchy Frog—Green Bay, Wisconsin
April 18—Reggie's Rock Club—Chicago, Illinois
April 19—Kryptonite—Rockford, Illinois
April 20—Mulligan's—Grand Rapids, Michigan
April 21—Mac's Bar—Lansing, Michigan
April 22—Mickey Finn's Pub—Toledo, Ohio
April 23—The Grog Shop—Cleveland Heights, Ohio
April 24—Buzzbin—Canton, Ohio
April 25—Wander Inn—Mishawaka, Indiana
April 26—New Republic Skatepark And Community Center—Fort Wayne, Indiana
April 27—Spirits Lounge—Alton, Illinois
April 29—Rubber Gloves—Denton, Texas
Aug. 30-Sept. 1—Muddy Roots Music Festival—Adams, Tennessee


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