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Hear a heavy new song from Steve Brooks' reborn, pre-Torche band, Floor

Singer-guitarist Steve Brooks—a master of both monumental heaviness and soaring, melodic hooks—has been riding high with his current band Torche for a while now. But before Torche there was Floor. Formed in the early ’90s, Floor released two full-lengths that redefined what both “sludge” and “pop” could mean. The band reunited in 2010 for some touring, and that led to an all-new Floor album, Oblation. More intense—and even introspective—than the freewheeling Floor of old, Oblation tracks like “Trick Scene,” debuted here, make it seem as though Brooks, guitarist Anthony Vialon, and drummer Henry Wilson have experienced some serious growth as songwriters during their time apart. Not that “Trick Scene” doesn’t flat-out fucking devastate.

Oblation will be released on April 25 via Season Of Mist.


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