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Hear a classic, remastered song from Inspiral Carpets’ Dung 4 reissue

The psychedelic, organ-driven band Inspiral Carpets came up at the same time as better-known groups like The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays—and with a sound that was similar enough to get the group lumped in with the Madchester craze of the time. But Inspiral Carpets had a more classic approach to swirling British pop, and Dung 4 is a vivid reminder of that. The band’s 1989 demo sits squarely between retro-’60s garage-rock and the more ecstasy-drenched euphoria of its Madchester peers. Although Dung 4 was originally released on cassette, it’s being given an expanded, remastered reissue this month—which includes the moody, trippy track “Keep The Circle Around,” streamed here. The song features the shaggy lead vocals of original singer Stephen Holt, who left Inspiral Carpets just before the group had its biggest success in the early ’90s with singles like “This Is How It Feels” and “Commercial Rain.” Holt rejoined in 2011, and the band has a new, self-titled album—its first in 20 years—on the way later this year.

Dung 4 will be reissued April 28 via Cherry Red.


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