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Disney+’s decision to renew one of its flagship series can’t be that big of a surprise to many. Still, for fans who found themselves fully invested in the adventures of Mando, Baby Yoda, and company, executive producer Jon Favreau’s official word on the return of The Mandalorian was still a welcome confirmation. Per Entertainment Weekly, Favreau announced the forthcoming second season today on Twitter after the streaming platform launched the season one finale.


There is no official return date, however Favreau confirms that the story will continue Fall 2020. The announcement also included a tease of the Gamorrean, the green pig-like guards of Jabba’s palace, which were first seen in Return Of The Jedi. Naturally, there aren’t a ton of available details at this time, but it’s a large enough crumb after a widely heralded season closer.

Back in September, Favreau promised that he would be behind the camera to direct at least one episode of Mandalorian’s then-hypothetical second season after his commitment to The Lion King prevented him from doing so this time around. Luckily for fans, the series’ first eight episodes was left in the capable hands of directors Dave Filoni, Taika Waititi, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rick Famiyuwa, and Deborah Chow, culminating in some of the best television of the year. 

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