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HBO's latest trailer invites us inside the mind of Robin Williams

Robin Williams will probably always be an enigma to the rest of us, a restless, genius-level talent with an unquenchable need to make people—any people, at any time—laugh. Williams’ death in 2014 continues to resonate in the pop culture world, fueling narratives about the price of brilliance and the tragedy of comedy, but it’s rare we ever get much insight into the man himself. Happily, HBO is here to make an attempt at correcting that, with the trailer for its new documentary, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind.


Directed by Marina Zenovich, the film talks to Williams’ family and various contemporaries, including Steve Martin, Billy Crystal, Eric Idle, and more, about his life and career. It also offers up plenty of footage of the man himself, acting in what we can only describe as “a very Robin Williams way”, doing voices, running schtick, and just generally being the guy so many of us grew up watching for so long

The film debuts on HBO on July 16. Pack some tissues.

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