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Anyone who watched the third season of HBO’s In Treatment—which ended with [SPOILER ALERT, OBVIOUSLY] Gabriel Byrne’s Dr. Paul Weston contemplating walking away from therapy entirely—likely won’t be surprised by the news that the show will not continue for a fourth season. Even those with only a passing familiarity probably recognize that the drama has been a huge undertaking with little payoff, its five-nights-a-week format a grueling endeavor for its cast and crew—particularly star Gabriel Byrne, who almost didn’t return after season two because of the demands. And despite being an actor’s showcase that’s helped to create Mia Wasikowska, among other things, the series was a consistent underperformer in the ratings. Still, despite every reason to just let it come to a natural end, the network says that they’re currently figuring out a way to bring In Treatment back for a fourth season, though most likely in some other, reduced (i.e., less expensive) format for another year. Finally, it’s Xtranormal.com’s time to shine.


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