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HBO's excellent, under-the-radar Succession gets a second season teaser, premiere date

It’s easy to raise an eyebrow at a show like HBO’s Succession, which follows the high-stakes travails and squabbles of the Roy clan, a media dynasty in the mold of the Redstones or the Murdochs. But Jesse Armstrong’s show is the perfect blend of drama and satire, presenting an ensemble of soulless heirs that, by virtue of their glaring faults and bold aims, can’t help but be utterly, completely watchable. It also doesn’t hurt that Armstrong pens such searing, acidic dialogue, or that Succession’s cast—led by Jeremy Strong, Brian Cox, Sarah Snook, and Kieran Culkin, who scored a Golden Globe nomination for his performance—is so deeply appealing.


Per the above teaser, the season will again swirl around the relationship of Logan Roy (Cox) and his son, Kendall (Strong), who, following the events of season one, is as much in his dad’s pocket as ever. “You have a hard time finding a happy medium between worshipping him and wanting to kill him,” Snook’s Shiv observes. Also, Tom and Cousin Greg! Give them the buddy comedy they positively demand.

Succession’s second season premieres in August.

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