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Photo: Alex Bailey (HBO)

Apparently HBO wasn’t scared off by the vague title and the existence of a significant role for Josh Gad, because the premium cable network has renewed Armando Iannucci’s space comedy Avenue 5 for another season. This is especially good news for everyone involved, because it means HBO has some faith in the show, as it happens to be Iannucci’s follow-up to the award-winning and critically acclaimed Veep. If the show had been a flop, it would’ve been a bummer for the network and Iannucci and all of the Veep fans out there, but now that it’s getting at least two seasons, the cast and crew can hold on to the hope that it’ll somehow end up being the next Veep—despite the fact that it’s called Avenue 5 and prominently features Josh Gad.


As you can totally tell from that title, the show is about a fancy intergalactic cruise ship called Avenue 5, with Gad as its super-rich owner and Hugh Laurie as its captain.

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