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HBO will return to Westworld this March

Illustration for article titled HBO will return to iWestworld /ithis March

If you made quick work of The Witcher’s multiple timelines and are now eager for a new challenge, you’re in luck—Variety reports that Westworld, the puzzle-box series extraordinaire, will return for its third season on March 15.


In the lead up to this announcement, HBO has shared a few previews, including the teaser that introduced Aaron Paul’s character, Caleb, the working-class guy and would-be rebel who meets Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), who has herself walked away from Westworld after leading her fellow hosts in a (bloody) revolution. The season-three trailer also showed Maeve (Thandie Newton) seemingly surrounded by Nazis in World War II-era Europe. Along with those clips, we know that Tessa Thompson, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright will also reprise their roles; as for new cast members, you can look forward to seeing Vincent Cassel, Michael Ealy, Marshawn Lynch, and more.

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