Not 24 hours after we reported that George R.R. Martin is considering releasing his next novel well before the predicted date of “never,” HBO has announced that its Martin-based drama series Game Of Thrones will be showing up early as well. According to EW, you can catch the first episode a 15-minute preview on April 3, two weeks before its official April 17 debut date, and get a jump on all the swords-and-incest-and-Peter-Dinklage springtime fun you’ve been so patiently awaiting. And unlike Martin’s (admittedly passionate) assurances, that seems like a date you can count on. HBO has also released its first full-length trailer for the show, which you can check out below. [UPDATE: EW has since changed their report from "first episode" to "15-minute preview," so it looks like that's what's happening instead.]