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HBO wants to keep getting High Maintenance

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Setting us up for at least another year of having to come up with marijuana puns every time there’s an occasion to write about the show, HBO has announced that it’s renewing critically acclaimed comedy series High Maintenance for a fourth season. This comes from Deadline, which applauds the series on the way it “paints a uniquely authentic portrait of New York with empathy and insight, telling amusing, surprising, sometimes moving, and always poignant tales” of the denizens of Brooklyn. We’re just glad somebody is finally telling stories about the unique and fascinating people who live in New York.


High Maintenance began its life as a webseries before getting picked up straight to the big leagues with its HBO run, and it stars co-creator Ben Sinclair as a pot dealer. The show is also frequently cited as one that is beloved by everyone who watches it even as it struggles to get any sort of mainstream attention, so maybe running for at least another season will be just what High Maintenance needs to break through.

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