Having thoroughly mined World War II for Emmy gold with Band Of Brothers and The Pacific, HBO is now turning its attention to World War I with the five-part miniseries Parade’s End, according to The Hollywood Reporter. However, you probably shouldn’t expect similar manly-lump-in-your-throat moments and patriotic fervor: The co-production with the BBC is based on the British book series, and mostly revolves around a love triangle involving an English aristocrat played by Benedict Cumberbatch (a name so incredibly English, Charles Dickens would reject it as “a bit phony”), his “mean socialite wife” played by The Town’s Rebecca Hall, and a young, yet-to-be-cast suffragette. In the books, the protagonist’s service in the trenches is mostly just a backdrop to his internal struggles, so Parade’s should differ slightly from wars waged on HBO in the past—even more so considering Tom Hanks is nowhere near this thing. It will still probably win lots of awards.