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HBO to make comedy series about the quest for the female orgasm

Adding to an upcoming slate of comedies that includes Diane Keaton playing a “powerful, much-feared Hollywood blogger,” HBO has announced plans to base a series around another creature of pure myth with its adaptation of Mara Altman’s Thanks For Coming: One Young Woman’s Quest For An Orgasm. Altman, a former Village Voice writer, chronicled her plight as a “twenty-six-year-old, attractive, successful, single woman in New York who'd never had an orgasm” for a book published by HarperCollins last year, and she’s said to be serving as a consultant on the series, which will probably garner lots of “Sex(ual Frustration) And The City”-type headlines. And who better to help Altman chase her elusive prey than Grumpy Old Men screenwriter Mark Steven Johnson, who most recently captured the nuances of the female heart in When In Rome, and his Grumpier Old Men collaborator, Pretty In Pink director Howard Deutch? Yes, with a couple of guys double-teaming it, etc. etc. You can take it from here.


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