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Not wanting to be left behind like those who still cling stubbornly to their steam-powered dance music, HBO is looking to get into the electronic dance music craze that has so snared our kids and our equally impressionable movie studios. Deadline reports that the network has partnered with Calvin Harris—the Grammy-winning producer and DJ behind several hit songs you can hear, right now, while you try on shirts at Express—to develop a half-hour comedy series “set in the world of electronic music.” Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh is also on board to write the show with Harris’ “help,” such as perhaps suggesting that, rather than engaging in disgusting, drug-fueled sex and scat play in this scene, the characters listen to some electronic music.


There aren’t many more details beyond that, other than—like all the best electronic music and comedies—the project has nine producers, all providing their input. Among them are Jay Z and Will Smith, who will continue the film producing relationship they've forged on the upcoming Annie update by just sort of sticking their names on this thing, too. “Hey, why don’t you try becoming one of those dubsteppers? You like to dubstep, right?” Will Smith is no doubt saying to an eye-rolling Willow Smith today.

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