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As reported by Entertainment Weekly, HBO’s various streaming platforms will be getting a new original anthology show on February 1 called Folklore that explores spooky myths from across six countries in Asia—specifically Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan. Each installment of the six-episode series will focus on the “supernatural beings and occult beliefs” of a different country, with each one coming from different directors and being presented in the native language of its country.

If this all sounds like a surprisingly in-depth project to drop in a couple weeks without a ton of fanfare, it’s because Folklore already premiered on HBOAsia last year and behind-the-scenes videos for each of its episodes are already available on the HBOAsia YouTube account. That means this is a cool-sounding thing that isn’t targeted solely at Americans, wasn’t made solely for Americans, and isn’t even being specially presented in a way to make Americans in particular care, which is also cool.


As noted above, Folklore will be available on HBO Go, HBO Now, and HBO on-demand on February 1.

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