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HBO to air Kickstarter-backed special from comedian diagnosed with cancer

Quincy Jones

In February, we reported on the story of Quincy Jones, a 32-year-old stand-up comedian who had been diagnosed with terminal stage four mesothelioma. Jones wanted to leave behind some kind legacy before he died, so his friends set up a Kickstarter to raise money so he could tape an hour-long comedy special. The Kickstarter ended up pulling in more than 10 times its roughly $5,000 goal (for a total of $50,273), and now Deadline is reporting that HBO has decided to air Jones’ special at some point this spring after he tapes it in Los Angeles on April 4.

Jones received the news on Ellen today, and he also got a big check (literally and figuratively) from Shutterfly in order to help pay for more expenses related to the special. You can see a video of this below, and—like most things on Ellen—it’s aggressively heartwarming.


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