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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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While you wait for the autumn and all its promises of single career gals trying to have it all falling lightly to the ground like so many dried-up, yellowing leaves, HBO has announced its summer schedule, and all the weather-appropriate steaminess therein. The non-stop supernatural shtupping of True Blood kicks off its fourth, fairy-laden season June 26, while Entourage returns for one last, Andrew Dice Clay-assisted hurrah of Hollywood hedonism on July 24, when all the consequences of Vince’s descent into the murky depths of cocaine abuse and Sasha Grey will hopefully be dealt with in classic Entourage fashion—i.e. in under 22 minutes, give or take like three scenes of Turtle buying shoes. Even better, Curb Your Enthusiasm returns on July 10 for 10 more episodes of sexy misunderstandings and bringing the ruckus to America’s asses.


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