HBO no longer wants to be in an Open relationship with Ryan Murphy—presumably because he won’t stop talking about Jessica Lange, when all HBO is trying to do is reconnect over a nice quiet meal together. HBO has passed on Murphy’s “very frank” depiction of human sexuality after commissioning a pilot last summer. The pilot starred Anna Torv and Jennifer Jason Leigh as lesbian lovers, Michelle Monaghan as the gynecologist who threatens to come between them, Scott Speedman as her husband, Wes Bentley as an obnoxious self-proclaimed sexpert, and Cheyenne Jackson as the prettiest meth head this side of the Bakersfield Wal-Mart, with guest star Aisha Tyler playing a forward-thinking nurse in Monaghan’s practice.

This news comes as something of a surprise, considering Murphy just scored HBO an Emmy for The Normal Heart. But presumably he’s dealing with the news just fine, considering he’s about to return to the arms of his faithful FX, a network that’s down for pretty much anything.