The cast of Togetherness

So…this might sound crazy, but just listen. HBO and Togetherness have only been hanging out for a little over three weeks now, which is not, like, a long time, but enough time for a network to figure out it likes a show, y’know? The thing is, HBO really likes the comedy created by Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass, and Steve Zissis, and has renewed it for a second season. Maybe that seems like HBO is moving too fast—perhaps assuaging its guilt over ending things too quickly with Enlightened—but it would really be great if you could be supportive.

Deadline is cool with the relationship, admitting Togetherness is only attracting a live audience of 427,000, but also pointing out the pilot has been watched by 2.6 million to date across HBO’s various platforms. Plus television critics seem to like Togetherness, and it has a super-chill vibe with Girls, another show with which HBO is getting more serious. There’s been no word yet on the fate of Looking, which could mean HBO was just experimenting with the whole gay thing, but another season of dabbling couldn’t hurt.