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HBO renews Real Time With Bill Maher for two more seasons

Illustration for article titled HBO renews iReal Time With Bill Maher/i for two more seasons

Not thrifty enough to make all of its announcements at once, HBO has revealed that Real Time With Bill Maher has been renewed for at least two more seasons. If this seems vaguely familiar, that could be because HBO did the exact same thing two years ago—suggesting that maybe the network should just renew Bill Maher’s show for more than two seasons at a time and save everybody some trouble. Now we’re all here, stuck having to come up with something interesting to say about news that has literally happened before.

We could do an elaborate joke where we pretend that Real Time is Game Of Thrones and talk about all of the dragons and ice zombies that are on it, but that doesn’t sound like it would be worth the trouble. Or we could bring up the fact that John Oliver’s show is now getting better ratings than Bill Maher’s show, but we’re not sure what purpose that would serve other than to reference how cool John Oliver is because he’s on Community and talks with an accent. There’s always Bill Maher’s controversial opinions on organized religion—which is the angle Deadline took when it reported this news—but does anyone really care about that? Oh well, maybe we’ll just do it straight and simply report the facts. We already did that in the first paragraph, though, so we guess that’s pretty much all you need from us.

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