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HBO renews Looking for a second season

HBO has renewed its laid-back drama about gay dudes, Looking, for a second season after the show hit a new ratings high on Sunday. The network also announced that three recurring guest stars will become series regulars alongside the current main cast of Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett, and Frankie J. Alvarez.

Lauren Weedman will return and will presumably get more screen time as Doris, the smartass friend who serves as a foil to Dom, the show’s 40-year-old restaurant manager and twink enthusiast. Russell Tovey (who plays Kevin) and Raúl Castillo (Richie) will also join the main cast, which indicates that there will be plenty of love-triangle mind-fucks—and, presumably, actual fucks—in store for video game developer Patrick. And Agustín will still be around, because for some reason the other two main characters are friends with him.


“Will Patrick be able to resist screwing his boss?” is just one of the questions that Looking viewers will ponder as it heads toward its season finale. Also consider: Will Dom ever shut up about peri peri chicken? Will Agustín find a sex worker who enjoys his company—or can at least pretend? And will any of them be able to make it through a single social interaction without saying something insensitive or embarrassing? So far, “no” appears to be the answer to those questions, but Looking now has the time it deserves to come up with some new surprises. [via TVLine]

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