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HBO renews Girls and Veep, arguments about Girls

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Thanks to its incredible popularity among websites who love to post think-pieces (and somewhat among viewers), HBO has picked up Girls for a second season, guaranteeing at least another year of Lena Dunham and Co. navigating New York, the shifting cultural moods regarding modern feminism, and the burdens of being young, while half of the world yells at them to stop whining and the other half tells those people to shut up. Anyway, the network committed to at least 10 more episodes, which should be enough time to work all those alleged problems out in a way that everyone can agree on, or not. Much less controversially, Veep also got another 10 episodes. Hey, who would have thought that a series that paints the U.S. government as incompetent, selfish, and underhanded would end up being way less of a conversation-starter than a show about a bunch of twentysomethings trying to find jobs and decent boyfriends? You know, besides everyone.


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