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HBO renews Game Of Thrones for second season

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After just one episode, HBO has given a second season pickup to its swords-and-shtupping (and okay, political intrigue and complex characters) drama Game Of Thrones, according to a press release. The move probably doesn’t come as a surprise: Although there were a few loudly contrarian dissenters, the George R.R. Martin adaptation scored tons of critical raves and a solid premiere rating of 4.2 million viewers when you factor in the encore showing. And of course, the network spent a ton of money on it, so you can bet they’re going to milk it for at least another go-‘round. Anyway, this is promising news for fans hoping that the show would delve even further into the A Song Of Ice And Fire saga, as the second season will be based on the next book, A Clash Of Kings, and presumably continue until it runs out of viewers or Martin’s novels, whichever comes first.


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