HBO has renewed both Eastbound And Down and Bored To Death for a third season, ensuring that Kenny Powers will have another year of gloriously unmerited egotism, while Jonathan Ames will continue to be the Mike Hammer of the McSweeney’s set. For Eastbound And Down, it’s likely to be the show’s last hurrah: As Danny McBride told us in an interview last month, “The story that we’d like to tell would wrap up at the third season, if we get that opportunity.” There’s been some speculation as to whether next season will return the show to its original Wilmington filming location, as co-star Katy Mixon has said, or move on to Myrtle Beach, as McBride hinted in a recent interview with Vice. Either way, we do not expect things to end especially well. For Bored To Death, now it’s probably just a matter of making sure Zach Galifianakis sticks around. As you can tell from reading the Newswire, dude’s got a lot going on these days.