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HBO renews Curb Your Enthusiasm for what's got to be a pandemic-themed 11th season

Illustration for article titled HBO renews iCurb Your Enthusiasm/i for whats igot/i to be a pandemic-themed 11th season
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HBO has famously said it will continue churning out seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm for as long as Larry David is up for it, a promise the Seinfeld co-creator is goofing on upon the announcement that an 11th season of the comedy is now in the works.

“Believe me, I’m as upset about this as you are,” he cracked. “One day I can only hope that HBO will come to their senses and grant me the cancellation I so richly deserve.”

The renewal follows an amusing, if inconsistent, 10th season that felt looser and less high-concept than its predecessor. Thankfully, it ended with the glorious manifestation of Larry’s spite store and a whole host of celebrity cameos that fortified what was already a solid season-long arc.


No word on when the season might go into production—after we get a vaccine, probably—but David is apparently “busy writing.” He’s never shied away from current events—MAGA hats played a key role in last season—so expect David’s Larry to get fussy about mask culture, suffer some form of sanitizer-related mishap, and just generally make Ted Danson’s quarantine a living hell.

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