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HBO renews Ballers, but Dwayne Johnson’s already eyeing a new job

(Ballers (Photo: HBO)

HBO has signed on the dotted line again, renewing Ballers for a third season of that sweet Rob Corddry-Dwayne Johnson camaraderie and working sports metaphors into financial planning. The pay-cable network made the announcement via a press release today, in which HBO Programming president Casey Bloys lauded the current season while promising even more of this good thing for fans.

“Dwayne Johnson, Stephen Levinson, Mark Wahlberg and the rest of the Ballers team have once again delivered a winner for our viewers. We look forward to another great season of Ballers next year.”


The show has proved to be a considerable draw for the network, averaging 9.1 million viewers in its first season. The second season, which premiered July 17, now stars Andy Garcia as a foil to Johnson’s Spencer Strasmore. Spence is also contending with some personal problems that aren’t of the “which champagne-and-caviar combo should we woo our clients with tonight?” variety. But don’t worry, that hasn’t prevented the former footballer—or ’baller—from throwing a few bacchanalia.

This third season renewal should please the Rock’s tailor, who’s probably put in for some overtime for cranking out all those bespoke suits. (It’s totally worth it, though.) But while Johnson will almost certainly continue to star in Ballers for as long as it’s a thing—as well as the Fast And The Furious franchise, and whatever superhero projects he’s offered—he’s already pondering his post-Hollywood life. He’s heard Time magazine and the American public’s call for a Rock presidency, and now a presidential bid seems to be on his to-do list, possibly replacing “world domination.”

Given how often Johnson’s reinvented himself—from wrestler to multi-hyphenate entertainment threat—and how successfully he’s done so, it’s not that far-fetched an idea, we suppose. If nothing else, his President’s Challenge fitness test would be killer.


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