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Screenshot: HBO (YouTube)

Today, HBO confirmed that it’s going to release David France’s new documentary, Welcome To Chechnya, on June 30. France is the director of How To Survive A Plague, and this new doc—which is going to be on all of the HBOs, including the new one—is about the activists in Chechnya risking their lives to protect LGBTQ people from a “torture campaign” being run by the government alongside “only faint global condemnation” and “no action from the Kremlin.” A press release says that the doc also tells the stories of gay men and women from Chechnya who have had to leave their country and their families, with the faces and voices digitally altered with a “face double” technology that is apparently “haunting.” There’s also “video evidence of the torture suffered by gay men and women” in the country.


You can see a trailer below, and to save you some Googling, the guy who offers history’s most unconvincing denial of committing atrocities against gay people is Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechnya.

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