Hoping to prevent any sort of ridiculous overreaction or acrimonious exchanges between liberals and conservatives, HBO has followed up on its apology for George W. Bush's severed head almost, kinda appearing on Game Of Thrones by yanking the episode from HBO Go and iTunes—an act of digital self-sacrifice it hopes will serve as proper penitence for this thing that is, after all, very, very important. As reported yesterday, the network already pledged to remove the offending blurry 1/16th of a scene from any future DVD sets, and today it went one step further by holding shipment on all current copies of the Severed Bush Head Edition, presumably pledging to have them buried out in the New Mexico desert next to all the many superfluous severed George W. Bush heads that caused this problem in the first place. It is, perhaps, an extreme measure, but HBO has now ensured that no one will be talking about the severed George W. Bush head on Game Of Thrones anymore.