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HBO picks up female-led skateboarding comedy based on Skate Kitchen

Skate Kitchen
Photo: Magnolia Pictures

According to Variety, HBO has given a straight-to-series order to a new comedy show based on Crystal Moselle’s film Skate Kitchen. The show, which will run fo six, half-hour episodes, is called Betty, and in a weird twist, it sounds more like a sequel or spin-off than some kind of adaptation. The movie was a fictionalized tale based on a real-life all-female skateboarding crew from New York City called Skate Kitchen, and it starred real-life Skate Kitchen member Rachelle Vinberg as aspiring skater Camille.

Vinberg will be reprising her role for HBO’s Betty, alongside Skate Kitchen cast members (and real-life Skate Kitchen crew members) Nina Moran, Moonbear, Dede Lovelace, and Ajani Russell, all of whom will also be reprising their roles from the movie. Moselle, meanwhile, will return to write and direct Betty, so this is being made with pretty much all of the people who originally worked on the movie. Girls writer and Love co-creator Lesley Arfin will also write for Betty, though the Variety story doesn’t say what kind of skateboard experience she has—she does have comedy writing experience at the very least, regardless of if she can land a perfect benihana or not.


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