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HBO picks up Aaron Sorkin's cable news drama

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In excellent news for fans of spirited monologues and people who believe television producers are God’s own personal warriors, HBO has officially picked up a series order of Aaron Sorkin’s hour-long dramedy set behind the scenes of a cable news show. In other good news, the series is no longer titled More As This Story Develops, because the Internet made fun of it. However, the currently untitled show still boasts the previously reported cast of Jeff Daniels as the arrogant yet surely deeply principled pundit, who makes life alternately difficult and worth living for a support staff comprised of Emily Mortimer, Olivia Munn, Alison Pill, Dev Patel, John Gallagher Jr., and Thomas Sadoski, all under the watchful eyebrows of Sam Waterston. “Together they set out on a patriotic and quixotic mission to do the news well in the face of corporate and commercial obstacles and their own personal entanglements,” reads the official description—which, again, seems recycled from Sports Night and Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (and maybe even The West Wing) with “the news” wedged in there, not that that’s necessarily reason for complaint.

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