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HBO picks up Aaron Sorkin's cable news drama

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Aaron Sorkin has just landed a pilot order for his new HBO series set behind the scenes of a nightly cable news show, where the stories of the day are hashed out through the ritual, blunt application of monologues about integrity. The as-yet-untitled show—which we’re actually looking forward to, really, it’s just that Sorkin’s style is such an easy target—will reteam the year’s most lauded screenwriter with his Social Network producer Scott Rudin, and stems from research Sorkin conducted by hanging around at CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, where Sorkin spent time studying Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann specifically. (Olbermann was once rumored to be “contributing rants” to the show, but Deadline says that’s not happening.)


And although the setting definitely sounds like boilerplate Sorkin, combining the backstage dramedy of Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip and Sports Night with West Wing’s political grandstanding, for the first time in his TV history, this show will allow Sorkin to use the word “fuck,” which is exciting. In fact, they should just call it Fuck News. Anyway, the show begins walking and talking later this year, no doubt Bradley Whitford is already making some phone calls, "Your brother's in Afghanistan!", other Sorkin jokes as needed, and finis.

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