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Photo: Johnnie Ingram (HBO)

HBO’s reality series We’re Here—in which drag queens Shangela Laquifa Wadley, Bob The Drag Queen, and Eureka O’Hara travel to small-town America each week to give aspiring drag stars a chance to shine in the spotlight—has been one of the highlights of a sometimes grim 2020 TV season. Charming, occasionally thoughtful, and consistently technically excellent, the show celebrates both the aspirations of its performs as well as the art of drag itself, offering up six too-brief glimpses of drag daughters being adopted by their new drag mothers, then walking the stage and showing their best.

Hence, we assume, why HBO didn’t waste any time in ordering a second season, announcing the show’s renewal earlier this afternoon. No word yet on how many episodes this new order will run for—or which towns they’ll add to their itinerary—but it’s great news for anyone who felt like the show’s season finale (which aired last night) arrived far too soon.


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