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HBO orders a hitman comedy pilot from Bill Hader

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Whether it’s voicing an adorable droid, releasing an EP with his fake band, or going on a rom-com romp with Amy Schumer, Bill Hader’s post-Saturday Night Live career has been bright and varied. Now Hader, who earned special recognition from The A.V. Club for his clutch-playing ways on TV in 2015, is set to return to the small screen in his own series. Deadline reports HBO has given a pilot order to Barry, a half-hour comedy about down-and-out hitman who heads to Los Angeles to lift his spirits—oh, and kill a guy.

The series comes from Hader’s development deal with HBO, which we reported on in May 2014. The actor-comedian wrote the series, which he’ll executive produce with Silicon Valleys Alec Berg. Hader will also star as the titular Barry, an ex-Marine and “low-rent hitman in the Midwest.” Described as “lonely and dissatisfied,” Barry travels to Los Angeles for a change of pace, as well as to kill someone, but he finds new life in “an accepting community in a group of eager hopefuls within the L.A. theater scene,” which we’re guessing isn’t just a cover for a band of ex-CIA agents. The setup should provide Hader with plenty of opportunities to get into character(s), which in turn will keep him in fighting trim for Documentary Now!, which was renewed for a second and third season by IFC before it had even premiered.


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