Guillermo del Toro is currently prepping Pacific Rim, developing a live-action Hulk series, working on updates of Pinocchio and Beauty And The Beast, maybe working on Hellboy 3, and also running his own production company, but even this typically busy workload cannot preclude del Toro from putting his name on something for HBO. The network has just optioned a 1950s-set drama, executive produced by del Toro and novelist Sara Gran, telling the true story of Frances Glessner Lee, a millionaire heiress who became a pioneer of modern forensics in her fifties by creating elaborately detailed dollhouse dioramas of crime scenes known as The Nutshell Studies Of Unexplained Death, which were then used to train detectives on how to gather evidence. Based on the 2004 book by Corinne May Botz (who will serve as consultant), Nutshell Studies may or may not actually be called that when it makes it to air, considering Nutshell Studies already makes us laugh—because we are 13 years old, and huh huh, study these nuts. As a substitute, we humbly suggest Murder, She Crafted Into A Little Dollhouse Thing.