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HBO Now expands to Android and Amazon devices

Game Of Thrones

When HBO’s standalone streaming service HBO Now first launched, TV viewers dreamed of lighting those cable boxes on fire once and for all. As it turned out, only people who owned Apple devices could enjoy the cable-free bliss of being able to watch all of Deadwood in one sitting anywhere they want.

As previously reported, HBO intended to change that by expanding the HBO Now service to Android devices, and now the streaming service has finally made good on that promise. Starting Thursday, HBO Now will be available at the usual $14.99 monthly rate on a range of Android and Amazon devices (but not all of them).


The service will be available on Android OS 4.1 and later phones and tablets, as well as Amazon Fire Tablets. HBO also plans to expand the service to Google’s Chromecast and Android TV, as well as Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, at some point.

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