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While a film continuation of HBO’s Bored To Death has so far only been shown within the luxurious, leather-and-mahogany-lined screening room of Ted Danson’s mind, today Deadline reports that a movie really could happen—and on the actual, not-just-in-Ted-Danson’s-brain-house big screen, no less. Noting that the series about Jason Schwartzman’s bumbling hipster detective had “a relatively narrow appeal” and regularly underperformed in the ratings before being canceled, the site plays along anyway, claiming that HBO Films is developing a Bored To Death theatrical film to be written by the show’s self-mythologizing creator Jonathan Ames.


There’s still no updates beyond that, nor even any confirmation of what Danson has avowed in the past, about the film concerning Jonathan’s new traffic cop career and the hijinks that ensue when Danson and Zach Galifianakis’ characters move in together. All that’s known is that the project is “a Bored To Death feature-length slapstick adventure,” it’s still in the very early stages, and rather than just airing it on HBO to mollify its jilted cult fans, it’s apparently hoped that audiences who failed to seek out the show on TV will nevertheless flock to see it in theaters—particularly once they release it under its new title, The Hangover Part III.

UPDATE: Deadline has since amended its original story to say—and an HBO publicist has contacted us to point out—that any Bored To Death movie would air on HBO and is not intended for theaters. Glad we got that cleared up.

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