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HBO might be preparing to announce a second Game Of Thrones spin-off that's all about dragons

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HBO already has one Game Of Thrones spin-off series that’s in the works, focusing on an era of Westeros history that predates pretty much anything and everything from the show—including, as George R.R. Martin explains, the very concept of there only being “seven kingdoms”—but Entertainment Weekly says that the premium cable network is about to announce a second prequel series that will be all about everybody’s favorite family of dragon-riders. The project, which is “close to a deal” but hasn’t been officially picked up yet, would be about the Targaryen family’s civil war, better known to Westeros historians as the “Dance Of Dragons.” This also happens to be the same ground covered in Martin’s recent Fire And Blood book, so that plus its connection to a familiar family (and its winged companions) make this seem like a pretty obvious choice for another Thrones show.


EW says HBO has had some trouble getting the pilot script in a good place, which is probably one of the reasons why the other show is moving forward and this one doesn’t have a formal plan yet, but Colony’s Ryan Condal has apparently written the most recent script and Martin is reportedly on board as an executive producer (though he’d probably have at least some small part in any GOT thing HBO wants to do). EW also points out that Shireen Baratheon described the events of the Dance Of Dragons to her jerkwad father Stannis. So… spoiler alert for this potential new show, though we do know what the status of the Targaryen family was at the beginning of Game Of Thrones. (Also, feel free to stop this video halfway through if you don’t want to see what happened to poor Shireen Baratheon again.)

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