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HBO Max snags streaming rights to South Park and Rick And Morty

Image: YouTube

While the live stream of WarnerMedia’s glossy WarnerMedia Day was fairly redacted for those of us at home (“Let’s take a look at an extremely informative video,” Chief O. Business announced before politely holding the footage behind a “brb, homebodies” placecard), the media conglomerate still managed to drop some pretty hefty news about some of the content that will be available to stream on HBO Max come May 2020. To start: HBO Max has secured the streaming rights for South Park and Rick And Morty.

Kevin Reilly, HBO’s chief content officer, revealed that all 23 seasons will be available exclusively on the platform right at launch. South Park is unequivocally among the best—setting the satirical gold standard, with a consistent finger on the comedy pulse,” Reilly said. “Audiences have connected with Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny – either alive or dead – for over 20 years, and we look forward to connecting these characters to new audiences on HBO Max.”


Reilly also informed the audience that the first three seasons of Rick And Morty will stream on the platform immediately, while future seasons will drop after their run on Adult Swim: “Rick and Morty exploded onto the scene in 2013 and quickly drew a legion of rabid followers from both critics and young fans. The jokes come fast and frenetically in a smart comedy concoction we are so happy to deliver on HBO Max.”

WarnerMedia appears to be curating a strong adult animation lineup between South Park, Rick And Morty, and the previously announced Boondocks. For the kids, Studio Ghibli will head a library containing new works and old favorites like Adventure Time. Those without existing HBO credentials will have to pay a subscription fee of $14.99.

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