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HBO Max is reviving Gossip Girl, XOXO

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Just as there will always be gossip, girls, and—god willing—Kristen Bell narration out there to bring the two together, thus must there always be a Gossip Girl itself. Deadline reports today that the long-running CW series, which wrapped up back in 2012—a halcyon time when “powerful blogger” had yet to totally become the planet’s most pathetic oxymoron—is being revived for HBO Max. This latest addition to Warner Media’s new streaming service/flavor-filled diet soda that the kids are going just crazy for will be helmed by original series creator Josh Schwartz, plus producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran.


Per Deadline, the new series will move past the mythologies of Serena van der Woodson and Blair Waldorf, instead focusing on a new generation of romantically entangled, web-enabled socialites. All of them will once again be bedeviled by that public menace Gossip Girl, an omniscient observer who presumably tracks every details of her subject’s life by, like, following them on Instagram. The new series promises to offer a new look at the ways social media has evolved over the last few years, while still touching on universal concerns, like love, reputation, and looking at attractive young people in extremely expensive clothes.

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