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HBO Max gives Selena Gomez a cooking show about how she doesn't know how to cook

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In a twist that we can only assume is really exciting and encouraging for accomplished chefs who dream of someday making it big with a life-changing TV show deal that makes them into the next Guy Fieri or Rachael Ray, it seems like TV networks and streaming platforms are really into the idea of giving cooking shows to people who are both already famous and don’t know how to cook. In April we heard about Amy Schumer getting a Food Network show where her husband (professional chef Chris Fischer) tries to teach her how to make quarantine-inspired “theme” meals, and now HBO Max has picked up 10 episodes of a cooking show about Selena Gomez trying to learn how to cook. When did American TV become more concerned with showing celebrities doing literally anything than with showing people who are experts in something doing the thing they’re good at? Oh wait, it’s always been like that. Never mind!


Anyway, the untitled show will premiere at some point this summer, and it’s based around the gimmick of Gomez trying to figure out how to make food while stuck at home during the pandemic (always fun to bring that up), with a press release referring to it as an “unapologetically authentic cookalong.” Apparently, each episode will involve Gomez learning from “a different master chef” as she tries to learn different kinds of recipes, picks up “invaluable tips and tricks,” and deals with issues from “smoking ovens to missing ingredients.” The episodes will also highlight “a food-related charity,” which hopefully means that Gomez is using her money and influence to help these charities and not just giving them a free shoutout.

So what celebrity hobbies will be turned into TV shows next? Or, better yet, maybe we get someone who knows how to cook and let them sing and act? Guy Fieri can probably sing like an angel.

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