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HBO Max drops first teaser, reminds us of its bottomless budget

Future streaming heavyweight HBO Max just dropped its first teaser and could it be anymore clearer as to what it thinks its biggest money maker is? The 37-second montage opens with a shot of the wide-eyed Friends gang—a deal, if you recall, reportedly cost WarnerMedia $425 million to close—before delving into the some of their other big fish, including fellow comedy mainstays The Big Bang Theory (another rather costly deal) and South Park. DC’s slate of blockbuster films also claim a few seconds for themselves Wonder Woman and Joker quickly take their own bows alongside The Matrix, Crazy Rich Asians, and Austin Powers. Less surprising is the inclusion of HBO’s original programming, including Euphoria and Watchmen. But hey, we’d never begrudge anyone the occasional reminder of the perennial joys that are Zendaya and Regina King.

Surprisingly there are no clips of Rick dragging Morty around the multiverse or Finn The Human and Jake The Dog despite their major effort in securing streaming rights for fan favorites Rick And Morty and Adventure Time (featuring the rest of Cartoon Network’s crowded lot). There’s still plenty of time for WarnerMedia to unleash its vast library on us in the coming months. After all, it’s going to take a mighty push to convince consumers to shell out $14.99 a month for another streaming service.

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